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SatAM Knothole Sim Project
Discord chat channel:

Just wondering if there's any other SatAM fans out there. I have a bunch of knothole refpics but I don't think its a project I could do on my own (much less have time for but.. I'd at least like to gauge interest).

I think the main scope of the project would be to lay out Knothole, to try and gauge where everything is in relation to each other. The locations don't need to look good for now, they just need to have proper scaling. Art assets could come later if there was still interest.

The best resource at the moment for location positioning is:

Anyway, post here if you're curious/interested!
Yes, I'm a fan of SatAM and the Archie Comics (both closely related). I can try to help you with this. Not sure how though.
Needs more dakka...
Hey! All I really want for this phase is to lay out knothole to scale.

That means we'd have to get a little creative about placement and how locations are connected. No particular meshing or texturing is required though its always welcome.

Essentially, we'd be building a map to walk around in, and then adding in small details from background art in the show (I have a lot of photos I plan to upload to the grid).

I made a discord channel for knothole, so feel free to join:
Having difficulty with scale but I suppose that'll be something I work on over time. I'm making basic placeholders for now so I can get a sense of overall scale.

I'm on the fence about instancing, because the huts tend to show larger on the inside than on the outside- on the other hand I feel like I could find a decent compromise because some scenes are just within the limit of making sense scale-wise.

Some quick at-a-glance measurements makes me think the hut would be about ten character-heads across (and those character heads are huge).

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Raz, have them join general chat as that link already expired. Only if you set it to never expire does it not plus anyone who joins general chat can see it too. (Link is in the other post at
Thanks for the heads up, I made a non-expiring link to the knothole channel.
Hmm... You know. I always saw the grotto being behind Sally's hut and through a thick of trees and brush. Granted you have two varying styles of the grotto too though. In season 1 you have the grotto as a more crystal clear lakish look. With a waterfall in the background. But in season two... It's as if the grotto downgraded in size and had more detail added to its design. Except... The waterfall is now gone. So I mean... With the grotto it's kinda hard to go exact replica, if the grotto changed its appearance and placement from Season 1 into 2. Also I'm not much of a creator yet on the grid, but if you need help... You have a very avid SatAM fan right here.

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