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Meshes, Maps and Miniatures
[Image: loe%20border_zpsv8qd0boc.png]

The 3 M's

M&M would be proud
[Image: loe%20border_zpsv8qd0boc.png]

I'll just be putting updates for my Mesh builds, B&M maps, and miniatures here for both the Grid and SL.  Just because its here doesn't mean it's on both, but it might be.

If you want to know the tools I use, here you go!  Firstly, I use a prim to mesh generator, simply called Mesh Generator, on Second Life.  A little pricey, but I do believe it's worth it!  Next is  Blender.  I rarely touch the thing because of how over powered it is for what I need and I find it too confusing to learn.  Despite this, I sometimes put my objects into blender to do touch ups that can't be done any other way.  Its free so meh.  Then There's the new discovery of mine, Sketchup and the plugin.  Both of which are free and, as one man said, is like MS Paint in 3D.  Very easy to create objects with this, though you do need to use Blender in the last step.  It can also help make the physics of the object.  Something the Mesh Generator fails at.

[Image: loe%20border_zpsv8qd0boc.png]

How to use the Mesh Generator :
First you need to purchase the Prim to Mesh Generator.  After you have the object and the script, go to step two.
Build something you want to make into a mesh.  You can also use full perm items that a friend might have given you to mesh out.
      Sculpts also work, though they must be full perms.  They may also drastically increase the polygons and thus increase the Land Impact and $L.
      If a texture face if 50% invisible or more, or using a transparent texture, the generator is made to ignore that texture face.  Thus saving on polygons.
      The device will save the offset, repeats, and rotation of textures even if they'r not touching.  It does not work well with planar though.
      Each color and texture counts as a face (so if you want them to be the same, make sure they're the same texture AND color).
      Remember, only 8 textures for each mesh.  If you have more, it will automatically add another mesh to compensate.
Link all the prims to one object and drop the supplied prim to mesh script into the root prim.
Click the "Generate" button and wait for it to process.  When its done it will give you a link.
Click the link it provides you when it's done.
Down load the .DAE file, this is your mesh!
Upload the .DAE file to second life.  And your done!

[Image: loe%20border_zpsv8qd0boc.png]

How to use Sketchup :
First, down load the program and the plugin.
You'll need to rename the plugin from a .rb to .rbz.
Open the Sketchup program and, at the top, select "Window" and then "Preferences".
Click on "Extensions" to the right and, at the bottom, click on "Install Extensions".
After that, select where you saved your plugin and hit the okays.
Extensions should appear at the top of your screen between Window and Help.  If not, restart the program.
Now make an object, watch tutorials on the Sketchup site for how to build.  Its easy enough.
Once it is built, go to "File", "Import", and select a texture.  Be sure "Use as Texture" to the right is checked.
Apply the texture to your build, import more textures as needed.  Remember to stay at or under 8 textures.
When you're done texturing and building, select the entire build and click "Extensions" and then the "Triangulate" option.
Now export your build as a "3D Model" and click "Options at the bottom right and deselect everything (except maybe swap YZ).
Now save it as a .OBJ.
Open Blender and import the .OBJ, then hit "A" and then CTR+J. Now go from Object mode to Edit mode.
At the far left, there should be an option to "Remove Duplicates" under "Transform".
Export as a .DAE and upload it to SL, Done!

[Image: loe%20border_zpsv8qd0boc.png]

Uploading Mesh :
When it comes to uploading to SL, I tend to cheat.  I rarely need something to have physical boundaries (like people able to walk through an open arch way) since I work mostly with miniatures.  On top of that, I can get away with setting the level of details for low, medium, and high to very low numbers.  Since the camera will usually be to close to the board to see anything wrong.  This also helps with the Land Impact and price!  For larger builds or avatar parts, I wouldn't recommend lowering the values much if at all, especially for walls of a building, since you don't want them to "collapse" or implode while they're loading, letting people see what's inside.  For physics its a different story.  If you know someone or something (like bullets perhaps) will be bumping into your mesh build (a bunker perhaps), or even need to get inside of the mesh, then you have two options.  You can either make the mesh "Phantom" so people and objects can pass right through them with out issue.  If you still need collision detection, then you can add invisible prims where needed, though this might make the prim count too high.  If that's the case then you might be better off with option two, making the mesh's physics.  I don't have much experience with this since I've never really needed it.  Just keep in mind that, just like a mesh, the more edges or details you have, the more it's going to make that mesh cost in both prims and money. 

[Image: loe%20border_zpsv8qd0boc.png]

The following posts will be me showing off my stuff, ignore the rest if you've gotten what you wanted.

[Image: oldvsnew_zpsk00di7lh.png]
What was once a 2D map from Dynasty Warriors Advance, is now a 3D mesh map thanks to Sketchup.  And it's worth just as much as the flat one, 1 land impact.
Needs more dakka...
Now that nice  Big Grin

[Image: gate_zpscwoxldfs.png]
Added a mesh gate to the mix.  Using the Mesh Generator.   It's worth half a prim!
Different colors to show off different texture faces (so I can make certain parts I don't want invisible like the stair case to the right for example).

After putting this in 3 times to the Hu Lao Gate 3D map, a separate prim to show the grid, the whole thing comes to 4 prims.
That's half of what the flat version with sculpted gates was.

Decided to go all out and update the entire map with the mesh I already had, like tents and wood huts.

Here is the old one using nothing but prim tents and huts with sculpted gates.  The total prim count is 57, with a LI of 26
[Image: old_zps4z15ib60.png]

And now here is the full mesh version, everything is mesh (except the grid prim and the ramp near the middle gate) and holds more detail per model (gates have stairs, tents have bed rolls in them)
This new version 28 prims, but only cost 15 for the Land Impact.  The only down side is that some things don't render properly until your camera gets closer, like the tents.
Not really an issue when playing though, only when showing off like this.
[Image: new_zpskehjeapk.png]
That makes the mesh one roughly half the prims with more than double the detail and customization.
All things still work too, like the clicking of a hut opens the door. Same with the gate. Click again to close it.
Needs more dakka...
Another map I had, decided to go 3D with it too.
[Image: guan%20du_zpsfj9vyhtp.png]
I didn't really have a "standard" map for this like some of the others.  So this comes to a total of 67 prims, a LI of 38.
It contains both mesh and sculpts.  I may never update the sculpts on this map simply because they're so simple, that there's no reason to.  I might at some point just save on prims.  On this build it would save about 8-10 prims.
I know its hard to tell, but there is a river too on this map.
Needs more dakka...
Would like some suggestions as how to improve this please.
B&M Freedom Fighters Faction
I would like to add in "stats" for each faction, like troop strength and numbers so there's a visual understanding of how each one plays. But the rest of the video seems... bland. But I don't know how to spice it up or don't have the technical savvy to spice it up.
Needs more dakka...
Whoah this is looking really detailed. Fantastic work Razor :o
(07-16-2015, 07:11 AM)Raz Wrote: Whoah this is looking really detailed. Fantastic work Razor :o

Thank you!  The content is still slowly growing.
Needs more dakka...

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