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The Great Babylon Garden
The Construction of The Great Babylon Garden
How I am creating Babylon Garden
[Image: Babylonsymbol.png]
Hello~! I'm Wishdream and welcome to my little topic here.
Today I'm going to start building the whole Babylon Garden and I'm going to show you all the process of how I will be doing it.
Starting from concepts to constructing with several different programs, optimizations and other things in mind.

Basics (General)
Alright, let's start off with the basics. First of all, I need to think of what I need to pull of here.
First of all, Babylon Garden is a large region, composing of 4 sims. A 512x512 varregion.

It is a floating garden. A spaceship turned into a city by the citizens who live in it.
It will be hollow in the interior and look solid in the exterior. There will be a lot of buildings and things lying around.
Other than that, we also have toggable race tracks within the city and the city itself is explorable by extreme gear for the most part.
The style of the city is a Byzantine style architecture with a Greek mixture. Close to Sky Sanctuary when it comes to the theme.

Basics (Optimization & Aesthetics)
[Image: acga_sp_61_caribbeansea_spyglass_embargo...106244.jpg]
Assassin's Creed Draw Distance

I will be using a technique of control Draw Distancing with the ground and models. This will allow to low-end/entry-level PCs to bump up their draw distance in the area without stressing too much of the CPU and GPU. This is done by breaking apart each part of the level as well how the models are rendered. This technique is derived from Assassin's Creed.

[Image: MaxMapCompare1.jpg]
Example of how texture sizes affect the environment

Next is the limit to how heavy the textures will be. The general quality for the textures is usually 256x256 when used in the PSP. So I'll settle on 256x256 being the general texture size for detail. Everything else is 128x128 unless there is something different.

[Image: 199646_1199230166_large.jpg]
Low Poly Model of Altair

Now to lighten up the load of the cpu and gpu, to render faster and give off a good amount of FPS. We'll be using low-poly models through out the whole sim. It might see high-quality and that's because of the textures. The detail is in the textures than the model. Some parts will use a normal texture and that will give the feeling of depth under light.

[Image: assassins-creed-unity-texture-quality-003-low.png]
Pre-baked lighting on low quality settings and adjusted lighting

Next is to use pre-baked lighting. Some items will have pre-baked lighting. These will be done by pre-baking an objects shadow with ambient occlussion. This is to give life to some parts of the area and give off some nice detail here and there.

Finally, to make the area aesthetically pleasing for the eyes with mid to high-level PCs. A custom windlight setting will be applied to control the amount of the shadows on how it will look like and making pleasing like you would see in Sonic games instead of the default on that SL has.

Alright! Next post! Planning!
[Image: xvWpBLl.png]
The Babylon Garden Layout Plan

So I started planning Babylon Garden and when I do plan for environments, I do two stages. Basic and advanced projection.

Basic Projection is basically how I plan for it to look like. The basic idea. The basic plan of the area.
I also write in the functions I want it to have like a security system and all.

Advanced Projection is an in-depth look for how I wanted for it to look, tentative but it gives me a good grasp of how it feels.
I also add in the skyline and landline around the place. Having 3 layers, the main, the general and the residential districts.
Basically uptown, downtown and residential.

Now, we all know that Babylonians have ancient technology so we'll express that here as well.
One of the samples is...
[Image: fbpDFWt.png]
The Babylon Teleport System

Basically, the Babylon Teleport System will be replacing the ring teleport system and shall be scripted by me. It will allow you to teleport around the place with the least time possible. Scripted to be more optimized and more secure.

That's it for now! The next post is the start of actually building the region.
Wishdream - Owner of Harmony Grid and Babylon Garden
[Image: wave.png]
"Do you think you could win with that board?"
Alright it's time to actually start building.
Casual posts will begin here.

I start by making my base of operations to get me in the mood.
Then take some references.
[Image: 9BnHp7s.png]

If I mean some, I mean a lot.

[Image: qmFxHxc.png]
Wishdream - Owner of Harmony Grid and Babylon Garden
[Image: wave.png]
"Do you think you could win with that board?"
Alright. Floor plans is now starting. Using Google Sketchup to start designing the area around.
This is the base floor plan for now. But there will be improvements.
[Image: 4VIOs65.png]
Wishdream - Owner of Harmony Grid and Babylon Garden
[Image: wave.png]
"Do you think you could win with that board?"
Planning is key, checking for number of vertices as well as basic layout.
Should've been quick to do if it weren't for the columns.
But hey, the more accurate, the less work I have to do. Luckily the buildings are solid currently and later replaced with hollow actual ones.
[Image: gBDyvXR.png]
Wishdream - Owner of Harmony Grid and Babylon Garden
[Image: wave.png]
"Do you think you could win with that board?"
This could almost be seen as a "how to".
Needs more dakka...
(06-22-2015, 12:47 PM)RazorTim Core Wrote: This could almost be seen as a "how to".

yeah but sense there are explaining the build they already started its showcase
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