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Full Version: Perfect Chaos OPEN! (A region 18+ only)
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EDIT as of 4/7/16: I've updated the region to be Adult Rated. Please keep in mind that this does NOT MEAN it is all about adult content. I still expect Moderate region behavior outside of buildings. Please keep all explicit content inside your home if you are a resident.
PLEASE NOTE: The region name is mis-spelled currently, do not be alarmed.

Hello one and all!

Lilly here, and I have some exciting news. I've been working on a (personal) region and its almost ready for people to visit! It's a combination of shops, residential and event area all rolled into one! Even has a local sandbox for unpacking goods! I've restricted this to 18+ due to the fact that my club will be playing all sorts of ratings for music and allowing non-smexicle nudity. Once its open and if you want to know where the region is, please be aware that if you are underage I not give you the hop url and place you on the ban list. (Any minors found there will be set to ban list till they can prove they have turned 18.)
We currently have 8 shops open for rental (once the region is finished) as well as 5 open and unspoken for rentals (rental system has yet to be placed in as of this time, that is the next thing on my to do list)

This region was opened as a means to allow event hosting without restrictions on music (as long as its not breaking TOS). I've added in shop space and home rentals for people who want to live on an A region. Unlike the welcome area though, the shops will not be free of charge and a good chunk of the money will be going straight back into the grid, so it helps everyone out in the long run by helping support our wonderful Grid! Home rentals are adjustable for allotment up to a certain degree, meaning if you have a mesh home you can replace the current default one I have out. This also means that you could also have a larger home in that space, but again, as long as its not too huge of a build.

Currently the only thing I am looking for are a few more DJ's to to fill remaining slots (3 more is what I am aiming for) and a few event Hosts, so if you think you got what it takes just contact me in world!
Keep in mind that positions are 18+ only!

Current Club Staff:
  • Lilly Corthaine - Collision Chaos Club Owner
  • Serra Royale - Admin/Co-owner (though this was due to group issuing reasons, so avoid contacting him if possible)
  • Rocks The_Squirrel - Event DJ
Some images of what I have built currently (some items are from the hypergrid, others I made and converted to mesh)
Just want to let everyone know that Perfect Choas (little error with setting up the region) is now open for all!
Just IM me for a landmark. Only requirement is that you are of 18 years or older.

Hope to see you all soon~