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Hiya Heyo from Lilly Corthaine
Hey one and all!

Names Lilith Corthaine (Aka Lilly) here to say hello!
I'm just an orange tribal pyrokinetic hedgie with a fascination for anything artsy. I'm usually at the ready to help anyone and that is my very intention here on the grid. Not for money, not for fame and definitely NOT to cause drama. I'm here to hang out, have fun and contribute to the grid as much as a physically can because I am just that kinda gal. 

Be warned, if pushed to my limits (which is EXTREMELY hard to do x3) I will call out out. Play nice and get nice back~

Have fun on Mobius, hopefully I will see you there! Heart
I'm an avatar modder and prim builder, its what I do best~
Also, sorry about setting your tail a-lite!....

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