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A New Challenger Approaches...

So, I am known on MobiusGrid as Krysta the Fox. Surprisingly I'm very rarely a fox. I sort of ended up designing myself around my main character from past RP on Second Life... but more about that later.

I am a Second Life Veteran. All that means is that I came from another large grid that worked similarly to this one and that's given me a lot of experience with the basics and just every day expected use. I joined Second Life the year I graduated High School, in 2007.

  • I am a Scorpio, and 26 years old.
  • I am happily engaged to Brach Speicher both online and off. It is a closed relationship within it's 5th year and going strong... so please be understanding that I have no intention to change that. We have been married in Second Life since December, 4th 2011.
  • My Second Life Username is Keetéa Nyoki Speicher (Geminai.Mills) and I have a background in the Legend of Zelda Community, and have spent time goofing around in Ravenlock and some previous renditions of Twilight Town.
  • I am at times vulnerable to DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder/Borderline Multiple Identity). There are users like this online... the internet brings it out in them. I respect you by spreading it out across different accounts and being open about it. You should respect me by not openly judging me for it, and keeping your personal opinions about it to yourself. Pressing on the matter makes it worse.

My goal on MobiusGrid is pretty simple: I want to have fun. Real Life can be a pain sometimes and we all need a safe escape from it. I also am a person who feels I 'm at my best when doing the best of my ability to help others. I am definitely comfortable as a Q&A type of person, answering general and slightly technical questions about how something works or why it is set up that way (though when it comes to the nitty gritty I couldn't tell you unless someone has already told me). I've spent a lot of time on some forums like Gaia Online doing that sort of thing... and my last job of 5+ years was in Customer Service as a CSR. It's just my thing.
I feel that communication is important and that's probably one of my strongest suits. I like to keep people on both sides of a party informed and the information between both open. I like being as neutral of a party as I can in just about all situations.

More about me will come in the following post, but that will be less about me, and more about my character.

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