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Badniks & Mobians, a D&D sim
[Image: eggmanpagebreak_zpsisq0gs88.png]
Badniks & Mobians
The D&D sim of Mobius Grid
[Image: eggmanpagebreak_zpsisq0gs88.png]

Do you like Sonic?  Do you like table top games?  Did you want to mash the two into a playable game?  Well now you can!

The game is inspired from Dungeon and Dragons 3.5 and, of course, Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog.  While the game system is on Second Life as well, on the Mobius Grid there is an entire sim dedicated to it.  From one corner to the other, the land is one giant table for our miniatures to explore and do battle.  Gaming HUDs will be provided, for free, along with a plethora of mobian races to choose from.  The game is based off of the events of the Archie comics of Sonic, allowing for multiple factions or countries to form alliances with or fight against.  The HUD system is made to be modular, so that it can work with any table top game.  Want your game to be about Sonic, no problem.  Want your game to be the typical Orcs and Elves style of game play, of course.  Want your game to be MLP related, not a problem.  It even allows for the introduction, or removal, of certain elements such as medieval, modern, futuristic, or magical weapons.

The sim is made to be a long term game where character actions will influence the wars and politics of nations.  Despite this, the sim is open for anyone who wishes to host their own games on the grid, so long as they remember to pick up their things after a session is over (objects left out will be subject to being returned).  Many pre-made miniatures will be accessible for those who wish to play or run a campaign.  Most of which are mesh.  These include, but are not limited to humans, mobians, badniks, simple structures, complex modular structures, and terrain.  Did I mention this is all free?  All items will also be made to be full perms (copy, mod, trans) so that you can receive what you need from your friends or even hand them back and forth so you or someone else can help customize your miniatures to your satisfaction.

The game I will be hosting is rather free form.  While there is a war going on with multiple factions fighting for power.  You, the player, can do as you like within reason.  Want to help the Freedom Fighters beat back Eggman?  Absolutely!  Do you want to ignore the war in general and fight bandits?  You sure can!  The world is your oyster!  However, there is some restraint, though this is mostly common sense sort of things.  For example, you can't openly forge an alliance with Eggman and the Freedom Fighters, working for both of them with out any form of complications since the two factions are bitter enemies.  So long as everything makes basic sense, I'll try to allow mostly anything that isn't too over powered.  As for equipment and spells, I allow mostly everything.  You can run around with a sword or shield, or with a rifle and buckler.  You can throw magical fire balls while adjusting your cybernetic eye.  So long as your character has the funds and its not game breaking, you can probably get away with it.

[Image: eggmanpagebreak_zpsisq0gs88.png]
Key Features
[Image: kyc8z_zpskz85tgf8.gif] Free gaming system!
[Image: kyc8z_zpskz85tgf8.gif] Free and customizable miniatures!
[Image: kyc8z_zpskz85tgf8.gif] Free updates!
[Image: kyc8z_zpskz85tgf8.gif] Over five different factions to interact with, such as the Eggman Empire and the Freedom Fighters!
[Image: kyc8z_zpskz85tgf8.gif] Each faction has at least two unit types, basic and heavy troops!
[Image: kyc8z_zpskz85tgf8.gif] Full sim playing area!
[Image: kyc8z_zpskz85tgf8.gif] Open ended play style!
[Image: kyc8z_zpskz85tgf8.gif] Over ten different races!
[Image: kyc8z_zpskz85tgf8.gif] So much more, and more to come!

[Image: eggmanpagebreak_zpsisq0gs88.png]

Special thanks to the following in no particular order.  (names are from SL)
Schitzotiger Firehawk, fullmetalvash Church, RazorTim Core, Adeon Writer, Riku Neox, BillyBob Snowpaw, Izuna Ugimachi, SenUmiko Resident, Darkwatershadow Resident.

Current Status :
Ground floor on hold due to scripted units de-rezzing during restarts.  Bad for standing armies.
HUD version 1.5 is complete and working
HUD version 2.0 still needs to be scripted
Needs more dakka...

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