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[Resolved] Quartz Quadrant Downtime/CHANGES
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Quartz Quadrant is back up!

But you may notice a very significant change. We are no longer going to allow Quartz Quadrant to be a script enabled sandbox. The server is not meant to handle that sort of load at this time.

Details - We found 300 scripts bringing the server to its knees screaming uncle-- so we're keeping scripts off so that the region can handle more builds for the users. Since disabling scripts for that Region, we have already seen SIGNIFICANTLY better performance and memory.


Hi guys!
Though it is not a direct sim hosted on the same servers as regions like Green Hill Zone, I know Quartz Quadrant is a popular place. It is currently unavailable. The host has been notified and it will be back up soon!

In the meantime, please feel free to visit the many other areas available on Mobius Grid. If you are looking for a sandbox, the regions Netslum and Stardust are wonderful options for the meantime.

Thanks for your patience!


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