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[Resolved] Green Hill Zone Crash
GHZ has crashed a few minutes ago while i was in mid teleport. It has come to my attention that GHZ is getting busy & too busy to share a simulator with 3 other regions. I been aware our welcome hub would one day need its own simulator & now that day has come. So as soon as possible we will back up the region, shut down GHZ on simulator node #1 & move it to its own dedicated simulator node. Dont worry you don't need a new landmark it will be in the same spot & there will be no difference besides better performance.

-Serra Royale
“Ever wanted a place to create, talk with other like minded individuals, and ultimately build multiple world’s that span multiple game-verses? Where there’s a will to dream, and the tools to make it happen? Where endless possibilities are just a gamers click away?”

-Mobius Team
This sounds good! On my way home now. Havent found a good app that will let me add a mobiusgrid address yet.

Anyways, I was just thinking today that I hadnt seen the region go down for a few days but it does sound time to give it its own server.

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