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A littel late on the ball...

They call me Keel. The real Deal, no need to Kneel.
The self proclaimed Duke of Eyebrows, don't ask how, never been one to question the way I think or feel.

The fuck did i just write....?
Whatever I'm Keel, (Keel Cahir) and I'm your local Shovel Nerd. My usual avatar is a simple Shovel Knight based design, Adapted to the world of Sanic. My other avatar is rather amazing, with eyebrows for days, and a rather dashing mustache and beard. My main job in this world will be to bring to you slobbering and uncultured masses the Best Memes and Pepes the internet has to offer, along with the occasional dickbutt and some youtube shenanigans.

basically, I make gestures and make them nice and pretty for you. I'm always open to suggestions, so holla at me.

And pray I don't get my hands on any Sim hosting software, causes when I do, it will be Shovel Knight for Days. FOR DAYS.
(I actually don't know how to mesh or anything so don't expect high quality builds.)

I also do silly sketches and doodles for those who want it, and those who probably don't. Nothing professional, and certainly nothing nsfw. (tbh I'd liek to draw nsfw stuff but I'm not that skilled yet)
Check 'em out at my tumblr.

Any quips, snarky remarks, or snide comments, Leave 'em after the Beep.
*answering machine finally beeps*

Welcome Keel
“Ever wanted a place to create, talk with other like minded individuals, and ultimately build multiple world’s that span multiple game-verses? Where there’s a will to dream, and the tools to make it happen? Where endless possibilities are just a gamers click away?”

-Mobius Team

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