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Krysta's Cache o' Crap
Hey guys, Krysta here (though I have responded to Gem on other grids so I'd like you guys to recognize me as both).
I'm gonna use this thread to showcase mods I have made or am working on! Note that most of my work are just modifications using bases provided by Callie Moon and JT Eyre

You can also follow me at for immediate posts! I tend to put my work up there, as well as things in my life (or related tot he Grid) as they happen.

Any mods I made before now can be viewed on the Facebook page :Big Grin  Anything new I'll be adding here shortly :wink:

So here is my recent work! First up is the Inkling! It's a pretty straight forward mod using Cassie's Mobian Fox Head and JT's Mobian Mesh Body and Clothes. The rigged tentacle hair piece is credited to JT as well! The big work I did on this was making the face texture and moving some pieces of the head around.

2nd up is my Mobian's Wisdom Form! (more of a KH fangirl). This character was originally human before I came to the grid, and she has been in many different worlds. This outfit is very different than the one she had in Second Life, but it works fairly well. As soon as a few asset kinks are worked out between foreign grids and our own I will be adding skating animations to her AO, and possibly some particle effects!

3rd up is my Keyblade! I did a quick mod of my blade so that it transforms. My character is originally based in a Zelda Universe... but like I said, she's gotten her hand in to a little bit of everything.

I think that's about it for now!

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Up next we have Callie, one of the two famous Squid Sisters from the new game Splatoon!

For not using blender I think I did a good job with this! I'll probably go back and see about commissioning her outfit in full mesh later. :3

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Well I've been really busy lately but I found some time for my Legend of Dragoon Armor. I feel that this has a long way to go before it's up to what I had on Second Life, but it's recognizable at least, which means I've done what I set out to do.

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