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Hi there~! I'm Wishdream!
Hello guys and gals~!
I'd figure that I'd introduce myself first.

I'm Wishdream. You can call me Wave if you like.
I am a Game Developer and Multimedia Artist, heading in all fronts from writing to art to music.

Usually the "go to gal" when it comes to optimization of items, designs and achieving highest quality possible with the least amount of resources. I'm fairly knowledgeable in the server software of Mobius Grid as well as how it works.
Formerly the creator of a grid called Harmony Grid, a My Little Pony based grid.

Right now, I'm helping the staff of Mobius Grid as general support to the grid, giving advice and perhaps help a few things here and there. As well as moderate this forum.

I offer classes here on Mobius on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. Each class with a different spin and different topic.
I'm a nice guy to talk to and don't be afraid to talk to me!

Nice to meet you all~!

[Image: neAB1pf.png]

Game Developer and Multimedia Artist
Wishdream - Owner of Harmony Grid and Babylon Garden
[Image: wave.png]
"Do you think you could win with that board?"

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