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/me waves
Heyo, I'm Magma Hunter, the semi-robotic red fox.

Born in Nov/1992 and living in Belgium, Europe.
My hobbies are games (mainly PC, though I do own a PS3 & Xbox 360) and firearms (sporting a .38 revolver).

On Mobius Grid, I consider myself to be a Jack of all trades, master of none, with my main focus being prim builds & LSL scripting.

Other than that, I'm pretty laid-back, relaxed and mostly joking about whatever topic's being talked about.

Feel free to ask me for about anything. All I ask is to not expect promises.
[Image: Q4svST3.png]
Things could always be worse, like stuff could blow up...

... But when it does, make sure to make it a GLORIOUS explosion!

(Special thanks to Cyclone Rock for making the signature image)


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