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Sonic Drive-In Theater
Well so far I had this idea and spent all day making it with an outcome better then I even expected but I think to hard work is done on the Sonic Drive-In Theater. Most is mesh but the lighting making it only 9 land impact. Still need an entrance with surrounding walls and a concession stand.

[Image: t0kaoz.jpg]

Curved Screen:

[Image: 2zjkf3o.jpg]


[Image: 288b411.jpg]

And an with Now Playing texture that can be changed:

[Image: wmdkx1.jpg][Image: 5wld1y.jpg]

For Optimal Setting to hear the audio from all the lot, change your preferences in the Media tab to these:

[Image: nybmmu.jpg]
neat rocks looks like our random youtube watchathon gave you an idea nice Big Grin

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