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Club in a Hud
Yes you heard right, I made my own Club in a Hud. Where you can or can't use media on a prim, this hud will work for you as it also has an external link button to see the site in full. Also on the site, I there is a vote for system, request a song and a comment section. On hud, you also have a Facebook button to my DJ Rocks page. I will not put it out to grab but will hand out to those I know who are 18 + in age so when new users come in, they can't grab till verified.

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awsome rocks very ingenious
well, one of the advantages for this is not only can this be played in hud or on site, but also I can also make the hud for SL and it also can be played on iPhone and Andriod phones with chat features so its a universal player.

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awesome Big Grin i love to see move of this
“Ever wanted a place to create, talk with other like minded individuals, and ultimately build multiple world’s that span multiple game-verses? Where there’s a will to dream, and the tools to make it happen? Where endless possibilities are just a gamers click away?”

-Mobius Team
(08-06-2015, 11:53 PM)Serra Royale Wrote: awesome Big Grin i love to see move of this

Thank you Yodi. Speak you do well.

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