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Quiet lately?
Where is everyone? I at least thought I might see some mods or something along those lines but things have been very quiet for what seems to be a month now, is something amiss?
I'm usually on at 5-6 AM PDT until 4 PM PDT so I think I miss out on quite a bit afterwards...
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Things could always be worse, like stuff could blow up...

... But when it does, make sure to make it a GLORIOUS explosion!

(Special thanks to Cyclone Rock for making the signature image)

This past week I had family obligations and the previous weeks I was on semi-hiatus due to things going on in my life offline. Some other members may have had similar experiences. And July is a big month for summer vacation activities and get togethers. The quietness makes sense.
Also I am aware of a user shift. One of our former regular members will not be on the grid anymore, and they had a friend or two who was on with them quite a lot and may have changed their minds when this user could no longer be a part of Mobius.

Activity shifts will happen, and we may have gotten an influx of users at first due to summer starting. Spring enrollment is normal. I think we're just falling back in to a normal. Activity may increase again in the next month.

We also had some new areas popping up and not everyone is sticking to just Green Hill Zone anymore (or Netslum/Quartz/Chemical). We had the return of Twilight Town as well as a Zelda themed region popping up. New user activity is bound to branch out from just the starting out areas, and we highly encourage it! It just means you may not see as many people around initially as before, as some of these areas aren't connected directly to Green Hill in some way.
we have some new people,and some people been busy with Real life and other things
busy schedules and things ive been up to my ears with rl things
been busy working at my job. been drawing my Prince the Badgerhog character for my writer and my manga artist.
I'm personally not on the grid a whole lot to begin with; even once my own presence starts to pick up, I'm a level architect, and I'm likely not going to be present in Green Hill that much as a result unless I make an alt. God knows my computer's capable of being on several viewers at once...
I come from a place that is said to be Unreal...
Same here, plus I have new job so... that's eating up most of my time now.
Needs more dakka...

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