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Morning ideas are best
I was thinking of making a Google sheets doc for brainstorming ideas. Its would be used not only for the ones making things on the grid but for the ones looking for things to be made. I hear a lot of new and older users asking for things to be made for them and just thought what better way to do it but a page all can see. I will also add a column to show if someone picked up on the idea if they report it they are and there progress. This is an idea and will make a Google sheet now to show you all my idea since I can always deleted if it does not want to be used. I am thinking it would be a good idea do to the number of times I hear someone ask things like if someone can make this for me or will this be done in the future and the ones who are really the ones who can answer that are not online.Common questions have been mods or whole avatars for them as of course everyone wants to look apart from each other. It will also be used to answer questions for things like improvements and other things that can/can't be added by saying it can't be done if someone's looking to bring things over that we can't have, features that are impossible, and other stuff.

I will make the page now, just wanted to get the idea rolling as I make it to see what comes of it and what things I can probaly add before its done if someone has an idea for it.

So this will be how the question page looks like:

And this is where all the results will be:
Just an update, there are post for Dylon the Dog looking for help on a project.

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