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Project GHZ
So far I been working with Roy on redoing the land for GHZ. Its not only helped me learn Blender a bit better, but also texturing too as I learned some tricks. So what is it I am doing, well as some of you already know now, I am taking the prims from GHZ land and changing them to mesh, eliminating unneeded faces that can't be seen and textures that are not needed in the areas. 
The steps area alone with textures was 13.7MB with 8 textures with the prims. Now in mesh, the steps are only 397KB with 3 textures
The four corners and entrance area & steps where 16,966 Verts & 18,432 Faces. Now they will be once changed over, 1,400 Verts & 825 Faces. That's a reduction roughly about 91-92%
It will be in 9 pieces with 5 already done so if an area needs updating or if it needs to be changed completely, it can. Only two building being made into mesh will be the store and Temp Virwox buildings.
Now now a word from our photos Tongue

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I'm glad to see someone coherent in Blender taking this on as a full blown project now. I know JT contributed a bit in the past but it wasn't his main focus.

I'm also glad to hear you're getting some quick experience from it! Thank you for doing this! (and sorry you haven't seen much of me as of late!)
Just laid out a scaled down model of what is done so far at the entrance of GHZ under the Wave's Channel board. It is the exact same mesh and textures that will be used. Come on over and check it out.
I can't at the moment. My laptop can't handle the 3D grids at the moment.
Just adding an up to date photo of the GHZ project. Only thing that is needed now is the side buildings which will now be mirrored. Can't wait to finish it and see how it looks all laid out

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I found issues with Mirroring in Blender. The file wouldn't upload through the viewer if any mirroring tool was used (this was a Second Life issue as well that other users experienced). Did you find a way to make it work?
I meant more that it will be copied from one side to the other.

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