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New Project soon to be finished!
UPDATE (@12PMPST 11-20-15): HUD has recieved another update! I've added in a crying state and tongue state. Now you can express more then a neutral, unamused or happy emotion! All I have left is to work out the eye states, few issues getting those to work, but everything is going smoothly thus far. Everything has been released out for public testing in their own vendors right beside the base packs, so if you are interested in testing, pick up an available pack of your choice and relay any input you have to me! Big Grin

UPDATE (@7amPST 9-15-15): Just finished updating the Eye HUD to be one script and the head -should- only respond to the person that owns the object. Sometime soon, I will be looking for a few people to beta test all these HUD's to see if there are any issues with them not responding or causing others heads to change as well. If this all goes according to plan, then I will be updating the other species' heads to be compatible with these HUD's and pass them out when people ask for them (or once Cassie Moon says if she wants the HUD's added to her base packs.)

Hello all Mobians!

Mod Lilly here, and I have some AWESOME NEWS! Well, I hope awesome at least :3
For the last few months, I have been working, more or less in secret, to help out with the Avatar Base packs in my own little way and help bring something truly awesome to our community. Now granted, I cannot take ALL of the credit for this, as this project required some minor (or major since I know nothing about) scripting, so I asked both Drake Spyker and Magma Hunter, two of our staff, to give me a little advice on setting this in motion. I won't be releasing to the public -just- yet, BUT I can guarantee that it will be coming out.

This project in question you might ask? Its something that I have heard multiple people asking Cassie Moon about.
An emotion system!
Oh but wait, it gets better, I am taking it a step farther and creating not only the HUD for expressions, but a modder's little tool for a Skin HUD AND and Eye texture change HUD! These came about (at least the eye hud) because I know exactly how frustrating it is to cam in onto the head just to change the eyes.

In the beginning, I started out with simple llSay and llListen commands, which ended up being about 30 scripts added into the base head for the skin in both ears and muzzle, 19 scripts to the eyes for eye textures that I created as well as 6 scripts to the additional muzzle I added on for the expressions themselves as well as a blush muzzle layer that you can manually turn on and off.

Now as you can imagine, having this many scripts is WAY too inefficient for memory usage, so I sat down and (again with the help of Drake and this time Cosmic/1.1 and Rocks The_Squirrel) I was able to condense all scripts down to more or less one script per part. This made the Skin scripts literally 90% less in count (from 30 in the muzzle and inner ears down to 3 being one per part), 7 in the expression state muzzle down to 1 script, this includes all expressions and the optional "REMOVE MOUTH" button on the HUD.

So far, the project is near completion! I just have to set up the eye HUD and everything will be set. I also tried to keep everything unisex so both males and females can use it without having to change too much about it~
The basic Eye HUD will have the 5 most used eye colours.
The basic Skin HUD has 10 skin colours in all, 7 different tans, Dark Grey, Grey and White.

[Image: snapshot_001_by_lilithcorthaine-d99iuya.png][Image: snapshot_002_by_lilithcorthaine-d99iuy5.png][Image: snapshot_003_by_lilithcorthaine-d99iuxy.png]
[Image: snapshot_004_by_lilithcorthaine-d99iuxk.png][Image: snapshot_005_by_lilithcorthaine-d99iuxa.png]
Well done, Lilly! I'm glad to see people working on getting some scriptwork done.
I come from a place that is said to be Unreal...
(09-14-2015, 03:00 AM)Drake Spyker Wrote: Well done, Lilly!  I'm glad to see people working on getting some scriptwork done.

Thanks, and again I can't thank you enough for the help either!
Yeah, we definitely need some more scripters, but we shall do what we can! >=D
Updated the post with latest information :3

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