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Project GHZ Shops
Well, I spent all night getting the shops updated to the new size of the build with now 3 floors. I will need some of the shop owners to come on when you can at least by Monday to move your items from the bottom floor to the top (only owners of the shops on the side of bottom floor). The shops needing to be moved are:
Cyber Sketches by Cyber The_Mouse
Magma Mechanics by Magma Hunter
Primitive Sounds by Keel Cahir
VirTec by VirTec Support
Harmony Star by Wish Dreamscape
Hylian Echidna by JT Eyre

Also need the following to rearrange there shops as those are in place already:
Sonic Productions by FurryWolf Rayna
Teebies by Sakura Solo
Neon Hedgehog Productions by Cassie Moon

If you know someone on this list and how to get a hold of them, please let them know so we can get it all fixed up asap.

The Squirrel
Virtec has already moved their shop as well as Sonic Productions.

Hylian Echidna, Harmony Star and Cyber Sketches are the only shops left.
HE and CS are both on the ends. Do you need those moved?
Sonic Productions need to come on themselves and rearrange as it says above it.

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